Enhancing a shareholder's value is a fundamental concept, which drives every management effort in the modern business environment. Progressive and bottom-line focused managements have realised that taxes (both direct and indirect), should be viewed as a dynamic item of cost rather than a passive charge on the profits.

Indeed, an effective tax-cost management provides a distinct competitive advantage. This requires the application of appropriate tax strategies proactively identified and surgically implemented. We have developed a total tax management capability, which encompasses the entire spectrum of corporate and personal direct taxes. Our approach to tax planning is multi-jurisdictional. We together with our network partners can provide seamless national and international tax advice. The services offered include:

  • Assisting the client to organize their cumbersome tax affairs, give them alerts for due date’s deadlines and ensure that all statutory requirements are complied with.

  • Providing International Tax advice.

  • Managing and consulting on withholding tax issues.

  • Managing preparation of tax returns/statements (Income Tax as well as TDS & TCS) and get it filed with relevant authorities within due dates electronically/manually.

  • Providing consultancy and managing Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) issues.

  • Managing Client’s regular assessments.

  • Managing appeals to higher authorities.

  • Assisting in obtaining PAN / TAN.

  • Providing corporate and non-corporate legal tax planning.

  • Providing up-dation and due dates alerts in electronic media on taxation issues.

  • Dove-tailing tax strategies into business plans.

  • Structuring the entire business transaction, including preparation of structured tax solutions tailored to meet business objectives.

  • Tax modeling, which would involve validation of tax assumptions built into financial and business models.

  • Other compliance issues such as tax registration, dealing with issues of withholding tax, certification, etc.

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