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Division 30 : Manufacture of other transport equipment
301  Building of ships and boats
 3011 Building of ships and floating structures
   This class excludes:
   - manufacture of parts of vessels, other than major hull assemblies:
   • manufacture of sails, see 1322
   • manufacture of ships’ propellers, see 2599
   • manufacture of iron or steel anchors, see 2599
   • manufacture of marine engines, see 2811
   - manufacture of navigational instruments, see 2651
   - manufacture of lighting equipment for ships, see 2740
   - manufacture of amphibious motor vehicles, see 2910
   - manufacture of inflatable boats or rafts for recreation, see 3012
   - specialized repair and maintenance of ships and floating structures, see
   - ship-breaking, see 3830
   - interior installation of boats, see 4330
  30111Building of commercial vessels: passenger vessels, ferry-boats, cargo ships,
tankers, tugs, hovercraft (except recreation-type hovercraft) etc.
  30112Building of warships and scientific investigation ships etc.
  30113Building of fishing boats and fish-processing factory vessels
  30114Construction of floating or submersible drilling platforms
  30115Construction of floating structures ( floating docks, pontoons, coffer-dams,
floating landing stages, buoys, floating tanks, barges, lighters, floating
cranes, non-recreational inflatable rafts etc.)
 3012 Building of pleasure and sporting boats
   This class includes, manufacture of inflatable boats and rafts, building of sailboats with or without auxiliary motor, building of motor boats, building of recreation-type hovercraft, manufacture of personal watercraft, manufacture of other pleasure and sporting boats (canoes, kayaks, rowing boats, skiffs)
   This class excludes:
   - manufacture of parts of pleasure and sporting boats:
   • manufacture of sails, see 1322
   • manufacture of iron or steel anchors, see 2599
   • manufacture of marine engines, see 2811
   - manufacture of sailboards and surfboards, see 3230
   - maintenance, repair or alteration of pleasure boats, see 3315
 30120 Building of pleasure and sporting boats
302  Manufacture of railway locomotives and rolling stock
 3020 Manufacture of railway locomotives and rolling stock
   This class excludes:
   - manufacture of unassembled rails, see 2410
   - manufacture of assembled railway track fixtures, see 2599
   - manufacture of electric motors, see 2710
   - manufacture of electrical signalling, safety or traffic-control equipment,see 2790
   - manufacture of engines and turbines, see 2811
  30201Manufacture of electric, diesel, steam and other rail locomotives
  30202Manufacture of self-propelled railway or tramway coaches, vans and trucks,maintenance or service vehicles
  30203Manufacture of railway or tramway rolling stock, not self-propelled(passenger coaches, goods vans tank wagons, self-discharging vans and wagons, workshop vans, crane vans, tenders etc.
  30204Manufacture of specialized parts of railway or tramway locomotives or of rolling stock (bogies, axles and wheels, brakes and parts of brakes; hooksand coupling devices, uffers and buffer parts; shock absorbers; wagon and locomotive frames; bodies; corridor connections etc.)
  30205Manufacture of mechanical and electro-mechanical signalling safety and traffic control equipment for railways, tramways, inland waterways, roads, parking facilities, airfields etc.
  30206Manufacture of mining locomotives and mining rail cars
303  Manufacture of air and spacecraft and related machinery
 3030 Manufacture of air and spacecraft and related machinery
   This class excludes: 
   This class excludes:
   - manufacture of parachutes, see 1322
   - manufacture of military ordinance and ammunition, see 2520
   - manufacture of telecommunication equipment for satellites, see 2630
   - manufacture of aircraft instrumentation and aeronautical instruments, see 2651
   - manufacture of air navigation systems, see 2651
   - manufacture of lighting equipment for aircraft, see 2740
   - manufacture of ignition parts and other electrical parts for internal
combustion engines, see 2790
   - manufacture of pistons, piston rings and carburetors, see 2811
   - manufacture of aircraft launching gear, aircraft carrier catapults and related
equipment, see 2829
  30301Manufacture of airplanes
  30302Manufacture of helicopters
  30303Manufacture of gliders, hang-gliders, dirigibles and hot air balloons and other non-powered aircraft
  30304Manufacture of spacecraft and launch vehicles, satellites, planetary probes, orbital stations, shuttles, intercontinental ballistic (ICBM) and similar missiles
  30305Manufacture of parts and accessories of the aircraft and spacecraft of this class (major assemblies such as fuselages, wings, doors, control surfaces,landing gear, fuel tanks, nacelles, airscrews, helicopter rotors and propelled rotor blades, motors and engines of a kind typically found on aircraft, parts of turbojets and turbopropellers for aircraft, aircraft seats etc. and other specialised parts of pacecraft
304  Manufacture of weapons and ammunition
 3040 Manufacture of weapons and ammunition
   This class includes tanks and other vehicles; heavy weapons, artillery, mobile guns; small arms such as light machine guns, rifles; air or gas guns and pistols; firearms which fire blank cartridges, signal flares, captive bolts and other non-projected firing pistols etc.
   This class excludes:
   - manufacture of weapons and ammunitions, see 2520
  30400Manufacture of weapons and ammunition
309  Manufacture of transport equipment n.e.c.
 3091 Manufacture of motorcycles
   This class excludes:
   -manufacture of bicycles, see 3092
   - manufacture of invalid carriages, see 3092
  30911Manufacture of motorcycles, scooters, mopeds etc. and their engine
  30912Manufacture of three-wheelers and their engine
  30913Manufacture of parts and accessories of three wheelers and motorcycles including side cars
 3092 Manufacture of bicycles and invalid carriages
   This class excludes:
   -manufacture of bicycles with auxiliary motor, see 3091
   -manufacture of wheeled toys designed to be ridden, including plastic bicycles and tricycles, see 3240
  30921Manufacture of non-motorized bicycles and other cycles, including cyclerickshaws,(delivery) tricycles, tandems, children’s bicycles and tricycles,baby carriages
  30922Manufacture of invalid carriages with or without motor
  30923Manufacture of parts and accessories for bicycles, cycle -rickshaws and
invalid carriages
 3099 Manufacture of other transport equipment n.e.c.
   This class excludes:
   - works trucks, whether or not fitted with lifting or handling equipment,
whether or not self-propelled, of the type used in factories (including hand
trucks and wheelbarrows), see 2816
   - decorative restaurant carts, such as a desert cart, food wagons, see 3100
  30991Manufacture of vehicles drawn by animals
  30999Manufacture of other transport equipments n.e.c. such as pushcarts, handcarts etc
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